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Penny Auction Software Trademark Approved

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On February 3, 1014 we received an official letter from the U.S. Trademark office that our Penny Auction Software logo and name has been registered and approved by the U.S. Trademark office after months of waiting. Thank you to all of whom helped me achieved this important step especially our legal firm.  Our company's goal is to build the most recognized and trust brand name when it comes "Online Auction Software" whether it's the penny auction software or the traditional online auction software.

Penny Auction FAQs

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Penny Auction Website or software is still new to a majority of people regarding to how it works.  As result, many customers filed complaints or felt cheated by the site operator.  Based on our research, the majority of the complaints are result of misunderstanding of how it works.  Below are some basic FAQs regarding to how penny auction site works at least in the sense of how our penny auction works.


Q.  What is the biggest difference between a traditional auction site like Ebay vs. a typical Penny Auction site produced by Digital Marketing Solutions LLC like
A.  Unlike Ebay where people don’t have to pay to bid, penny auction website required you to pay to play (bid) by purchasing the bids and each time you bid, it take away a bid or bids away from your account.  

Q. How long a penny auction run?
A.  Each auction has a start date and time and an end data and time.  However, there is no defined time as to when a penny auction will be ended because as long as there are people who clicked on the last seconds, the auction timer will repeat itself until someone gave up and the last person won.  This is why most people do not bid on a penny auction until the last few seconds.

Q. How many seconds does it repeats if someone clicked on it?  
A. Well, it depends on how it was set up by the owner of the site but most of them are in 20 seconds or less.

Q. What make penny auction attractive to a lot customers?
A. Customers usually save an average of 95% or more of the actual product cost if he or she won the auction.  Furthermore, the cost of bidding (per bid or per click) is usually in pennies.

Q. If a customer won an item, does he or she has to pay for it?
A. Yes! However, the cost of the item usually dirt cheap from the retail price standpoint.

Q. Do I have to signed up in order to bid on a penny auction site?
A. Yes!

New Training Channels!

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We have added and perfected our different trianing channels!




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If you are looking for a Penny Software Company to build your penny auction website, here is the contact info: Contact E-mail: [email protected] : Contact Phone: 1-877-639-9813


Creating a Penny Software Company can be tricky, time consuming and rather a precise demonstration of just how intricate auctions on the web really can be. Unless you have some prior experience, chances are that you are going to need someone to hold your hand through the entire project. There is a lot to know about this business and we have the expertise to explain it all.

Just what is a penny auction? A penny auction is an auction where bidders pay-per-bid for an item and the time increases with each bid. The winning bidder is the bidder whoever is the last to bid when the timer counts down to zero seconds. This works by bidding on the item you prefer, and then paying for the final amount showing for the item, based on the specific Penny Software Company the item was purchased from.

With these Penny Auction sites, you will always find questionable alerts on these search engines telling you how to get items at unbelievable prices. This makes you wonder; are penny auctions illegal? They are not illegal and most of them are not scams. You will buy items at very low prices when compared with the cost in the store. This does not mean that you cannot get scammed. There are some sites which are not genuine and you must learn how to spot them. You must be careful when choosing penny auction sites. According to Amanda Lee of Penny Auction watch, you can tell that penny auctions are not illegal but there are some with illegal practices (Lee, 2009). So, are these too good to be true?

Not only when items are bid and purchased on shown to the public, but various Penny Software Companies have access to this information. “Companies such as Swoopo, Quibids, etc. are making a lot of money with running a penny auction site” (admin, 2011). By placing yourself into a business model with managing a Penny Software Company, you are allowing yourself as the producer to start with relatively low investment, and still yield massive products. Owning your own site is very rewarding when it comes to trading in penny stock within your company.

Not everything seems to always fit together, does it? Well, with your own company, there are many companies such as the ones mentioned, for example, that do not “offer instruction on how to set up, run, and manage this type of online auction business due to the fact that it is so new…that is until now” (admin, 2011). This is a major reason and problem why many Penny auction software sites do not work. Set yourself apart from other companies located in or outside the United States, even though most happen to be outside of the United States, and seek to find a different venture for your consumers.

According to the Post Gazette newspaper in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jonas Elmerraji, a penny stock specialist at Agora Financial in Baltimore said, “A company could make its stock price whatever it wants by shifting the amount of outstanding shares, through either stock splits or reverse stock splits. What the company cannot change is its market capitalization, which is the value based on the number of outstanding shares multiplied by the share price” (Grant, 2011). He mentioned that by owning your own company with Penny Auctions, these stocks to invest are more volatile and have greater growth potential. Be on the lookout for stock options, and plans when investing into buying a Penny Software Company.

Your Penny Auction Web Site and your Penny Auction Software are the most important marketing tools your company will invest in to promote your business. If they are attractive, easy to use and error free - the customer will be satisfied and your Penny Software Company business will flourish.

The best Penny Auction software programmer should help you reach your target audience. They should have a portfolio available of on line auction software work they have completed for other customers as well as references for you to review.

Software Designers will work with you every step of the way to find out what your strategic plan and marketing goals are and how they can help you reach them. Don’t worry… you are not alone on this! With a plethora of tools of Penny auctions to choose from, your systems programmer will be with you every step of the way.

So, it’s the end of the day and building a Penny software company is looking more and more in the cards for you. Your penny auction will be thriving with previous and new customers daily as more and more opportunities arise. “The primary reason of the auction being so well accepted is the diverse and amazing offers it has. Penny Auction software is the latest evolution in the world of auction” (admin, 2011). Many corporate businesses find these as a threat as people are reverting towards penny auctions as they may find the right kind of product even going away from home, which makes building a Penny software company more plausible, credible and stable. With internet and the way of technology booming, companies in penny auction have the upper hand, as consumers are now following in their direction, building a more reliable auction website.



If you are looking for a Penny Software Company to build your penny auction website, here is the contact info: Contact E-mail: [email protected] : Contact Phone: 1-877-639-9813


This article is written by Alex Rush and the Author used the following sites in her research for this article.


admin. (2011, April 28). [Web log message]. Retrieved from, Grant, T. (2011, August 23). Penny stocks can be high risk, high reward. Post Gazette. Retrieved from, Lee, A. (2009, May 26). Penny auction watch. Retrieved from




Let us build a Penny Auction Software Site for you!

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Is F-Commerce "failed" Commerce <From>

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Last week we posted a little video parody on the things ecommerce consultants say. One of the tongue-in-cheek examples is “Social media isn’t about driving sales, per se…what do you mean you don’t have a Facebook Store?”

The next day, Bloomberg published an article reminding us that big retailers like JC Penney, Gamestop, Nordstrom and GAP that have shut the doors on their F-stores.

Fail Commerce?

It’s no surprise that embedded stores have faltered. The shopping experience within Facebook is painful compared to regular websites. Who prefers the banner ads, smaller screens, slower page loads, reduced functionality of F-stores? Not to mention, Facebook’s stellar track record with member privacy!

Simply plugging a catalog into a Fan page is not social commerce. It’s just commerce inside a social network.

But Facebook users have not shunned commercial brands. Consumers will Fan / Like brands in social networks in order to “recommend” to friends and to give permission for the brand to interact with their News Feed. The new wave of Facebook Timeline Apps are all about creating experiences that are social and that people want to use personally and share across their network, leveraging the Facebook Open Graph.

At the risk of sounding like an ecommerce consultant all-too-eager to hail the virtues of an unproven platform, let’s look at the social commerce opportunity beyond plug-in storefronts.

Finding the Adjacent Possible in Social Commerce

If you recall, in the digital disruption webinar we did last week (it’s still free to check out), Forrester’s James McQuivey how businesses can become disruptors by finding the adjacent possible, or the intersection of the next most immediate thing that people really want,” and matching it to the next immediate thing that you can provide.

Here are some real-world examples:

Ticketmaster Interactive Seat Map

Ticketmaster’s Timeline app allows fans to share events they are attending with friends, order tickets through the app and receive event suggestions based on their likes and listening habits through Spotify.

Its Interactive Seat Map allows people to see where their friends are sitting at an event. According to Ticketmaster, each share drives $5 in incremental revenue.

Electronic Arts’ Battlefield 3

F-stores don’t have to be catalogs. In fact, they should be anything but your full catalog.

Electronic Arts launched a temporary “pop-up” store within its fan page for pre-orders fo Battlefield 3 along with exclusive gifts like Back to Karkland Expansion Pack, Physical Warfare Pack and Play4free Beret and Gun. Using Facebook as an alternative to a microsite increases the value of being a fan, and makes social sharing seamless. Offering exclusives is a way to reward die-hard fans and deepen the commitment between brand and customer.

EA also created a “Missions” app, which extends the social aspect of the game. Users can build “squads” of their Facebook friends, create events or share videos.

Engagement stats are not too shabby:

20th Century Fox

Box office movies are by nature social products – people attend movies with others and talk about them with friends, and now research and discuss them through social media. The old school way of marketing films was through theater trailers, TV spots and bus shelter posters. 20th Century Fox pulls a 21st century move by creating a Facebook page for it’s Ladies’ Night from which fans could purchase tickets and enter for a chance to win one of 100 copies of the book that inspired the movie.

The studio also created an Event page to which fans could RSVP for the film, and incorporated a group-buy reward system in partnership with Gilt Groupe, SpaFinder and 7 For All Mankind.

These experiences all make more sense within Facebook than on the brand’s website, leveraging the social graph and offering simple transaction selections rather than a copy of the entire catalog.

The examples above are all cases provided by 8thBridge, formerly Alvenda (the company that created the shopping widget that 1-800-Flowers used to embed into Facebook and claim the first in-Facebook transaction in 2009). Misquoted in the Bloomberg article, in response 8thBridge CEO Wade Gerten contributed a guest article to Forbes Magazine, highlighting the results early-adopters of the Open Graph platform have achieved:

“Brands have seen their website traffic increase 50% to 300% from Facebook in just a few months.

This is dramatically more traffic than anything the industry has seen produced by social media up to this point. Certainly, the increased traffic adds immediate tangible value but there is a much bigger opportunity on the horizon.

“Tomorrow’s online shopping experience will look very different than the product catalog-specific experience we have today. The rich intent data available via the Open Graph will enable brands to usher in a new era of ecommerce that is shaped by people and around people.”

It’s not that F-Commerce is a failure, rather the shift is towards bringing social features from Facebook to your commercial website, rather than bringing your store into the social network.

When To Shun F-Commerce

The reason why F-stores are a flop for most, if not all, ecommerce brands is customers were never asking for Facebook storefronts.

If you can’t identify something that your customers want, that you can provide and add value to in Facebook, then don’t bother with the platform. Don’t jump on the bandwagon because bloggers, consultants and vendors hype it up. It’s OK to not do anything with Facebook. You may be in an industry where your customers just don’t evangelize your products, and it’s not worth building new experiences in social networks to boost your brand and customer loyalty.

But to be a disruptor, you also have to be willing to try things that might fail. Focusing on “adjacent possibilities” allows you to test ideas, and fail faster and cheaper, and move on. And if you keep at it, you might just find a winner that transforms your customer relationships.

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Love: A click of the mouse

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My valentine says nothing more than my love for websites created especially for this special holiday. Most importantly, developers are crashing in on the business for love! Do you ever find yourself goggling Valentine’s Day ideas, websites or events to attend? Look no further! Here at Digital Marketing Solutions, we strive to fulfill our customers’ every needs on this special day … all day, and importantly, every day! Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday where we can reach out to our current and prospective clients. So you’re probably asking, “What’s in it for me?” More than you can imagine! As a consumer in the midst of all of these media scenarios being thrown at you, you hold the power to every man’s secret; the click of the mouse.


Nowadays, one can no longer imagine how to catch up with friends and contacts without social networking. This has helped us become closer to our friends through technology, even when they are a thousand miles away. Through the World Wide Web, we are able to connect with people from around the world, making it easy to keep in touch with friends and family. Let’s take a trip back in time and discover the history of social networking and why so many people are connected more than ever on this special day, and how it grew, one step at a time. Here is a history lesson you will love: How Social Networking all began, connecting people around the world, especially for this holiday of Valentine’s Day.


According to, products and services can only produce a limited value to our customers, but with social networking and the new technological advances in today’s society, a stronger ‘click of the mouse’ is utilized. According to, social networking was born one day in 1971, when the first email was sent. The two computers were sitting right next to each other. The message said “qwertyuiop’. In 1994, the first social networking site was created, Geocities. Geocities allowed the users to create and customize their own web sites, grouping them into different ‘cities’ based on the site’s content. Jumping ahead a few years, in 1997, AOL Instant Messenger and launched, creating a whole new world of technology and the way to communicate via the internet. The new millennium brought ‘friendster,’ ‘myspace,’ and ‘xanga,’ and today, there is one we commonly know as ‘facebook.’


Still cutting our way into the black hole of an endless supply of technology to be transformed, Digital Marketing Solutions keeps up with the stream of technology, enabling us to produce only the best of social networks and websites for our consumers.With just a click of the mouse, you have the power to control the technology right at your fingertips… bringing you closer and closer to the one you love.


Happy Valentines’ Day, from Digital Marketing Solutions!

Why Do I Even Need A Website?

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Why Do I Even Need a Web Site?

Yes!! It is official, social networking is here to stay (Happy 8th birthday this February... "TheFaceBook") Most frequently, people wonder the need or purpose for a company to even have a website in the first place. Just because another company has a site, does that mean I should make one too? This goes hand in hand with what you think works best for you and your team of employees. 

Let’s get to the basics. 

According to Entreprenuer, all small business owners and entrepreneurs agree that all signs indicated offer a large portion of future business revenues which are derived from online transactions or from offline transactions that were the result of online marketing efforts. Nowadays most transactions of products sold or services offered are through web sites, personal blogs or even many penny auction software, such as on our own website, which allows you to create your very own fully-functional, advanced auction website. If it was not for the site created specifically for your company or organization, the 500 million people who have an online identity would not be able to access your database and contact you electronically through the advancing technology today. 

At the end of the day, we have to keep up with technology. 

We live in a world where word spreads fast. Do take advantage of certain technologies and applications which you do not need to develop on your own while understanding which basic utilities and functions you do need to program on your end so as to not only properly function but even succeed as a business. So, if you are probably still wondering if you should create a web site for your company, for the 500 million World Wide Web users who access the internet daily, scroll back to the top and read the first word and tell me what you liked best.

Human psychology and e-commerce.

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So, you are looking at your computer screen, scanning for new ideas for a brand new e-commerce store that hopefully will bring in the big bucks. You probably have realized by now that the more research you did, the huger the world seemed to appear! The intelligent entreprenuer will explore the different approaches that (s)he can take towards developing the business. A sound e-business plan requires the same things (and even more) that a traditional business plan needs: Funding, Marketing, Administration, Resources, Values and Philosophy etc. Hmmm missing something?

I won't bore you with the textbook topics on how to run an e-business, you probably already had been exposed to many ideas and concepts in the academic or even practical world. One thing that has usually been overlooked by my classmates back in college days and my collegues nowadays is the human factor. We usually come up with business plans that revolve around numbers, charts and structures, but we usually over look the human emotions that are involved in both our operation as well as the perspective buyers. Let me challange you with some provocative questions:

1. Why are web sites usually organized with a common layout? The basic banner on top, navigation bar going across, column bar going vertically on the left side... that is pretty standard and I bet you it will be that way for a long time. Who set these standards and why?

2. How well do you really know about your potential customers, their personalities, buying habits? In my years of experience in sales, rarely had I seen any of my clients asking me questions about what they can do to capitalize on human's behaviors and motives.

3. As an "e-commercer", how much do you want to be involved in the many levels of developing your website for your business? How "hands-on" do you want to be in technical aspects such as design and coding? How much is counter-productive? What kind of relationship do you want to build with developers like us? 

Obviously we all have different answers to these things in life, as we are so unique with our different experiences, abilities and worldviews. But here are some hints.

We live in a world of structures, of organization (most of us anyway) -- and over time, the majority of us develop standards for many things. The way a typical website is designed also reflects the habits of ours. You will be surprised to find out how much our eyes work to scan for relavant information! You would think that we just have swift glancing motions to filter out the stuff we need. This episode of Scientific American Frontiers will show you the application of technology to understanding how our eyes work to search for information -- and it is Krrrazy! I never knew that my eyes could do such complex zig-zag movements without being tired (well, for a short period of time anyway).

Well... How does this apply to you? Well, maybe this change in perspective will encourage you to do some extra work to place your products, ads, information and other elements on your website in a scientific and efficient way. A smart entreprenuer would probably try to do trials-and-errors, survey or personal experiments that can help them understand a little bit more about how their customers will see their site and how they filter out information that is relevant to them. Remember that most people will only spend mere seconds on an e-commerce site that they just land on, and that the first impression is the most important one. So don't lose valuable customers because of bad design.

The second question opens an enormous discussion about human psychology and buying habits. Obviously you cannot get all the information you need from this blog, but I hope that it will encourage you to do more research in this field, and find out different ways you can apply your knowledge into your business. Remember those days you spent in class and the good old sweat-shirt wearing, table loving (I mean the graphical tables drawn on the board) marketing professor would just go on and on about human emotions and how companies can exploit them to earn the shiniest pennies? Well what can you do if you do not have hundreds of people on your staff to do research for you on your customers' preferences and habits? 

Well... DIY! Actually DIY with our help! It is probably a good start to ask yourself questions such as: How does the customers' demographics relate to my inventory and the way I organize them? How do men and women respond differently to different methods of sales or promotion? Does age have anything to do with how technologically savvy my customers are? 

Once you are familiar with those basic marketing questions, think about more complicated things such as how do your customers respond differently to different auction framework? From broad questions like this one, you can come up with more specific things like "How much time should I allow a customer to react to an overbid situation?" These are absolutely important questions that are rarely asked - but I belive that they hold the key to your success.

And luckily, we can provide answers to most of your questions. Better yet, we can apply those to your project with our technological know-hows.

That brings us to the third question. What kind of relationship should we start in order to be mutually beneficial? Well, it obviously depends on many things such as your funding, scope, your ability and experiences, and well, our personalities. I firmly believe, though, that collaboration and information exchange are very important in order to have a successful project! Although we have the experience in marketing and technology, you are the one that would understand more about your customers, products and the state of the market. These things have to work together like gears in order to push the machine, so to speak. The importance of understanding about human psychology and how different parties (owner, developers, designers) should work together is highlighted in this article of -- it is definitely a very interesting read; you will also find answers to some of my questions in that piece as well.

It is very hard, at times, to gain trust from some of our customers -- I am sure that applies to all businesses. While they have reasons to withhold things from a contractor like us, think about the opportunity cost! The world of ecommerce is so vast that limited information exchange will result in very costly consequences. I encourage you to search on, ask more questions, rethink about things in different ways, take alternative approaches. I hope that this article starts a little fire of curiousity in your mind and it will burn on to new frontiers. Don't limit yourself... and don't hesitate to ask questions!

Talking about free exchange of information, tell me what you think about PIPA and SOPA? Comment or email!

Today’s trend - roll with Social Networking Website

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Social networking websites are the trend right now. People can make so much money if they are able to produce a unique social networking website such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s your job to come up with new ideas for your social networking website but finding available tools and ways to implement your ideas tend to be difficult. The question here is how are you going to create your social networking website?

Creating a social networking website is a tedious task and not an easy process. It takes up to many weeks or even months to spend on coding, programming, and design your social networking website. Also it takes at least a few days to test it and see if everything works properly before you allowed the website to go live. To make the vision of your perfect social networking website comes true, you need a team to work on it. Within that team, it must include a programmer, a coder, a template designer, and a website tester. The next question would be where can you go to find a team like that with a limited budget? Just contact a web design company that specialized in creating social networking website.

There are tons of web design companies out there and finding a good web design company that has the skill and specialized in developing social networking website is a hard job. But you don’t have to worry about that because you have found us. We are a professional web design company and have the advanced tools to develop the next high-tech social networking website. Go to our website to find more information. The typical social networking website that we developed have a forum, a shout-out box, gallery/images, picture upload, member-to-member messaging, news, add and delete friends list, uploading/downloading music, blogs, creating events, instant messenger, uploading/downloading videos, and blocked member list. The design of your social networking website can be customized base on your likes and dislikes. Also we can insert in any tool that you have in mind and find the perfect set of solutions to make your social networking website the absolute best. After your website is launched, we can still hold your hands and be with you in every step of the way. There are many types of services that we offered such as website hosting, website maintenance and tech supports, search engine optimization, and e-marketing. It’s good to subscribe to our services because we can act fast when your website incurs a problem in the future. We offer you the full website design package and you have nothing to worry about.

To find more information about us, go to

To see our demo of a social networking website, go to and sign up.