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The Truth About Penny Auctions - Read Well Before Taking Out Your Credit Card!

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Sadly, there are more and more unemployed web designers... (those who know a little but about html but would still call himself or herself an expert in programing) and clever entrepreneurs that will try to sell you a $99 auction script that might have been bought on eBay (cloning these code costs virtually nothing).   If you think that investing 99 bucks in a software script will make you an over night millionaire , you must be a fool!  You are going to need more than just the cheap script to run an auction website.

You want the truth?  Let see if you can handle the truth! 

If you never run a penny auction website before, then you will need someone to train you on how to start and run a penny auction business - this will take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours.

Any worthy penny auction software will need a dedicated server to run your software, a shared hosting plan simply cannot do it,  - the cost is anywhere from $99 to $250 a month.

Unless you got some decent server skills, no matter where you buy the software from; you gotta know how to install it to your server - promised A,B,C-type instructions from your seller wouldn't do.   

You will need someone experienced to help you find a bank that is willing to process your payment.  Not all banks will accept you as its client due to the nature of this business.

If you are planning on using PayPal as your payment gateway processor, then you will need someone to help you  set up the terms and conditions so you can get PayPal approval for this business model.

The reality is that you need a plan for any business; You will need a good marketing plan and some Benjamin's to get it started

You will also need to customize your front store to make it unique, attractive and "sticky". Otherwise, you either use a template that someone already used or risk of violating copyright of others'. 

If you don't have a budget of at least $2,000 to get this business started, then wait until you have the money or forget the whole idea!

If you don't have at least a few hours a day to operate this business, then either hire someone or try something else.

Def' more than meets the eyes hah? Well, you are lucky that we are right here, with all the tools and knowledge to help you with every step of the way!


E-Commerce Web Management made easy: Ready to be a Prince!

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Niccolò Machiavelli once said: "Before all else, be armed."

Do you think you are armed with the appropriate weapons to fight against competitors in our e-commerce world?  Are you ready to be the Prince (or Princess) of your own business kingdom? If you shake your head to both questions, I will have to say that you are lucky that we are here. 

I won't waste your time lecturing about the history of e-commerce and how its has been a growing phenomena (that's what Wikipedia is for). I will tell you this, however, that the management of an online ecommerce system has become progressively easier for more and more people. This, of course, makes it more competitive for you.

But worries not! Don't feel as if you were a tiny sardine swimming in this vast ocean of risks and perils. You have us! We have developed an easy, yet powerful e-commerce system management for your online stores. Within a few minutes, you will find out how versatile and useful this back-end control panel is. So check it out and get ready to conquer the competitve world of ecommerce!


 (click here if for some reason the embeded video doesn't show!)



What is a Penny Auction Software?

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Penny auction software is application software that can be deployed as stand-alone software for commercial and/or charity live and silent auctions, that handles all aspects of conducting an auction. This software provides users with the ability to register bidders, clerk (record) sales, and cash out bidders. In addition to these key functions, auction software provides many supporting capabilities including auction cataloging, inventory control, and consignor reconciliation. Some auction software is utilized exclusively in vertical markets such as automotive.

In more recent years “auction software” has come to include software on a Web server for online auctions. This software provides the ability for users to post items for sale in an auction format as well as the ability to bid on those items. The most well known purveyor of online auction software is possibly Ebay, Inc. out of San Jose, California. Ebay was the first company to popularize the notion of conducting an auction over the Internet. The auction software that eBay uses is proprietary and not available to the general public. In 1995, Virginia inventor Thomas Woolston was awarded key US Patents for a series of inventions introducing the online auction marketplace. In 2000, after eBay contacted Woolston and his company, MercExchange LLC, to buy the patent portfolio, the auction giant balked. Woolston and his partners sued and won a 2003 guilty verdict in a Virginia federal court; the jury awarded $25USD million of damages. MercExchange pressed to have eBay shutter infringing operations, but eBay appealed the ruling all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States. The highest court ruled in 2006 that an injunction on eBay’s operations was not required nor automatic, but that the Virginia judge had the discretion to enter the injunction. In late 2006, the case was returned to the Virginia court for an injunction and settlement negotiations between the two parties began in January 2007. In July 2007, the U.S. District Count assigned the case denied the motion for a permanent patent injunction against eBay. Judge Jerome Friedman stayed further proceedings on an additional eCommerce related patent until the U.S Patent and Trademark office has time to reexamine the validity of the patent granted to MercExchange. Judge Friedman publicly stated that MercExchange “has utilized its patents as a sword to extract money rather than as a shield to protect its right to exclude or its market-share, reputations, goodwill, or name recognition, as MercExchange appears to possess none of these.”

Currently a search on the internet can provide you with a plethora of auction possibilities, from traditional auction sites, to more recently the penny auction – on-line auction experience.  These penny auctions take place internationally as well as regionally with the premise that the auction ends when time runs out. 

Penny Auction Software Designers in these areas continue to evolve their products in an ever changing industry, offering an unlimited range of services and advice to their prospective clients and customers.  Choosing the right penny auction software provider is not a simple task.  There are many penny auction software companies available and they all offer different results at different prices.


Choosing A Penny Auction Web Site Developer

Your Penny Auction Web Site and your Penny Auction Software are the most important marketing tools your company will invest in to promote your business.  If they are attractive, easy to use and error free ­ - the customer will be satisfied and business will flourish.

The best Penny Auction software programmer should help you reach your target audience.  They should have a portfolio available of on line auction software work they have completed for other customers as well as references for you to review.

The Penny Auction Software Designers will work with you every step of the way to find out what your strategic plan and marketing goals are and how they can help you reach them. They’ll do keyword research to find out which words and phrases will attract a targeted audience to your software/website and to make the site user friendly. Then they’ll initiate a plan that is designed to propel you to top rankings on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Our Penny Auction software will be easy to navigate and quick to access.  We have Penny Auction Software Designers that understand client’s needs and work hard to provide quality software.  We’ll work with you to design the software, promote the sales, and improve the traffic to the site.  We pride ourselves on our client satisfaction, which includes not only the development, but the long term relationship we perpetuate with additional support in maintaining the software/site along with regular updates and advice.

When checking references for a Penny Auction Software Developer, rate the following information:

-          Do they meet their deadlines

-          Do they listen to the client and meet the requirements; were they open to suggestions and critiques

-          Were updates and changes made in a timely manner

-          Did they stay within the proposed budget

We want to be sure you make the right choice when choosing Penny Auction Software Developer to represent your business.  There are many areas to consider when beginning this exploration.  You should feel confident and content that you did the best research possible and made a wonderful choice.



Features of Penny Auction Web Sites

The internet has helped lower the cost of coordinating auctions and has also helped control the costs involved for the average bidder to participate.

Penny Auction Web Site offers range from popular action figures to recently released electronics, replacement parts for household appliances and hard to find business equipment.

Penny Auction Web Sites create a convenience for bidders and sellers.  The participants no longer have to be in the same geographical location.  And, the size of the auction does not matter on line, due to the nature of the auction; no location involved.  It’s also true that all participants benefit due to the internet making it easy for participants to both search for and present products in a convenient location.

It’s as easy as paying a non-refundable fee and then buying bids to use a Penny Auction Website.  Bidding on a Penny Auction web site raises the cost of the item by a fixed amount and typically also extends the deadline of the auction.  The game is a brinksmanship game: each successive bid lowers the value of the reward, and the last player to decide to place a bid and lower the value of the reward wins that reward.

The auctioneer receives income both in the form of the fees collected for each bid and in the form of payment for the winning bid.

Alert! A Trojan may be affecting your website!

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But don't worry, because it is easily fixable! This Trojan is very common, and it could happen to anyone! This is just another one of those computer viruses, so don't fret because it has nothing to do with the making of your website. 


If your computer or website is being attacked by a Trojan, simply download this Adblock Plus to remove it. 


There is also a YouTube video that will explain how to install this Adblock Plus.


Do it to terminate the Trojan that is affecting your website. Thank you for being a valued customer and blog reader! Have a great day!

Launching Four New Sites!

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It's exciting news! We've released four new websites. Here we have them listed and a little about them!



Advecor blends three marketing disciplines which comprise the core of successful marketing programs - Print Design, Direct Mail Marketing, and Online Technologies. Advecor leads the way in Franchise, Membership and Recurring Client Marketing by offering "proven" Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, Customer Referral, and promotional marketing solutions and services for maximum ROI (Return On Investment). 



We sell merchandise from the top manufacturer's of the world. We stand behind the quality of the products we sell, which is why we provide you with helpful Quality Ratings for every item on our site. 



We are the EXCLUSIVE and AUTHORIZED exporters of several of the industry's leading and most respected skincare and cosmetics companies. Our goal is bringing prestige products into the Brazilian market, products previously unavailable to Brazil. MyOrganiks hand select where these products are retailed, ensuring that these exclusive, luxury goods are positioned in the Brazilian market for their best representation. 



Word Art is a division of LaMoore Photography Studio. We have been in the photography and home decor business for over 30 years and decided to merge the two into Word Art. We have a very talented team of photographers, designers, and graphic artists who all work together to create Word Art products. 



Take second to check these websites out! Perhaps you'll be interested in what they have to offer.

Have a great day everyone!

What makes a good ecommerce website

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Whether you own an ecommerce website or thinking about creating one, the primary goal of having an ecommerce website is to encourage customers to buy your products. For this goal to be accomplished your website needs to be professional, easy to use and simple. Customers should be able to find what they want with few mouse clicks. To make your website standout from your competitor's website, you need the following:

Visible Search Box

Make sure your search box is visible and seen on every page, this will help the customer search for what the want no matter what page they are on, without having to go to home page or return to the previous page.

Easy Checkout

It should be easy for customers to checkout without going through a long process and different pages. It is advisable to allow customers to checkout without registering. Most customers leave a site, when they have to go through so many pages just to checkout. Keep the checkout process simple.

Easy Navigation

Navigation should be easy, don't have customers scroll down a very long page to find what the want. Vital Informations should be kept on the homepage, avoid having too much information on one page.


Let your customer know that it is safe to shop on your site without the fear of insecurity.

More Sorting Options

Allow customers to sort however they want, for example lowest price to highest, new arrivals, bestsellers, featured, most popular etc.

Keep the shopping cart within reach

Have the shopping cart on top of every page, this makes it easy for the customer to see what he/she has in the cart, without the hassle of leaving the current page.

Confirmation Email

Send confirmation emails to customers to assure them that their order have been received and processed. Make sure the confirmation has all the order details, this assures the customer that they have placed the right order, if there was a mistake when the placed they placed the can fix it before the package is shipped.

New Application Launched!

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After more than 2000 man hours and a team of professional programmers, designer and software testing engineers; Digital Marketing Solutions LLc finally launched its long awaited application.  This app promises to revolutionize the healthcare industry's current practice and reduce overhead costs.

Top 5 Reasons to Have a Blog

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Top 5 Reasons to Have a Blog

A Very Effective Marketing Tool

You have heard it before.  “If your site is not search engines optimized, it’s like a dead fish in the water even if it's a shark!”  In order for the search engines to find your website, it got to have some relevant information about your site.  Using the blog to create articles, posting products and services with search engines optimized keywords will help your website’s ranking.  Don’t let anyone else convinces you otherwise.  Your $50,000 website may look perfect with all the flashes and animations but to the search engines’ eyes; it means nothing unless you packed it with keywords and relevant contents.  The answer is…your blog is the ultimate tools for this.

Ease of Use

Unlike most websites even with easy CMS produced by Digital Marketing Solutions LLC, blog software is very easy to use.  You don’t have to know any programming skill in order to update and manage your blog.

Ease of Maintenance

Adding a news article, posting a new blog entry, re-arranging the looks and feels of the blog homepage, etc, are just clicks here and there.  No programming at all.

Ease of User Feedback

Unlike your website, your blog is built with end users in mind.  This means that anyone can make comment, post feedback and submitting article to the blog.  The beauty is that you have full control of the blog.  As an administrator, you can configure all the settings to fit your needs.

Trust Worthiness

Studies have shown that people trust your blog more than they trust your own website because they contain other people independent feedbacks and point of views.

If you are interested in having a blog, send us an E-mail at [email protected] or call us at 1-877-639-9813


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In this economy, it’s hard to escape the fact that prices are uprising.

That is why Digital Marketing Solutions has put together a website called to help you buy smarter with coupons to Meijers, JCPenny and more! We even have big brands like New York & Company and The Children’s Place, and we didn’t forget the tech savvy people. Coupons to are also posted! Check out the website at and remember to check daily for new coupon postings.



Time is money! So take your time to save some and visit the site.

VirtualMedicalForms is go for launch!!

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Digital Marketing Solutions is proud to announce the launch of its new web-based service, Registered user have access to a private, secure and FREE account providing unlimited forms, email management and storage in one eay-to-use location. can also be integrated into a user's own website. Form customization, data integration, web design and graphic design services are all available through