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Penny Auction FAQs

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Penny Auction Website or software is still new to a majority of people regarding to how it works.  As result, many customers filed complaints or felt cheated by the site operator.  Based on our research, the majority of the complaints are result of misunderstanding of how it works.  Below are some basic FAQs regarding to how penny auction site works at least in the sense of how our penny auction works.


Q.  What is the biggest difference between a traditional auction site like Ebay vs. a typical Penny Auction site produced by Digital Marketing Solutions LLC like
A.  Unlike Ebay where people don’t have to pay to bid, penny auction website required you to pay to play (bid) by purchasing the bids and each time you bid, it take away a bid or bids away from your account.  

Q. How long a penny auction run?
A.  Each auction has a start date and time and an end data and time.  However, there is no defined time as to when a penny auction will be ended because as long as there are people who clicked on the last seconds, the auction timer will repeat itself until someone gave up and the last person won.  This is why most people do not bid on a penny auction until the last few seconds.

Q. How many seconds does it repeats if someone clicked on it?  
A. Well, it depends on how it was set up by the owner of the site but most of them are in 20 seconds or less.

Q. What make penny auction attractive to a lot customers?
A. Customers usually save an average of 95% or more of the actual product cost if he or she won the auction.  Furthermore, the cost of bidding (per bid or per click) is usually in pennies.

Q. If a customer won an item, does he or she has to pay for it?
A. Yes! However, the cost of the item usually dirt cheap from the retail price standpoint.

Q. Do I have to signed up in order to bid on a penny auction site?
A. Yes!