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What makes a good ecommerce website

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Whether you own an ecommerce website or thinking about creating one, the primary goal of having an ecommerce website is to encourage customers to buy your products. For this goal to be accomplished your website needs to be professional, easy to use and simple. Customers should be able to find what they want with few mouse clicks. To make your website standout from your competitor's website, you need the following:

Visible Search Box

Make sure your search box is visible and seen on every page, this will help the customer search for what the want no matter what page they are on, without having to go to home page or return to the previous page.

Easy Checkout

It should be easy for customers to checkout without going through a long process and different pages. It is advisable to allow customers to checkout without registering. Most customers leave a site, when they have to go through so many pages just to checkout. Keep the checkout process simple.

Easy Navigation

Navigation should be easy, don't have customers scroll down a very long page to find what the want. Vital Informations should be kept on the homepage, avoid having too much information on one page.


Let your customer know that it is safe to shop on your site without the fear of insecurity.

More Sorting Options

Allow customers to sort however they want, for example lowest price to highest, new arrivals, bestsellers, featured, most popular etc.

Keep the shopping cart within reach

Have the shopping cart on top of every page, this makes it easy for the customer to see what he/she has in the cart, without the hassle of leaving the current page.

Confirmation Email

Send confirmation emails to customers to assure them that their order have been received and processed. Make sure the confirmation has all the order details, this assures the customer that they have placed the right order, if there was a mistake when the placed they placed the can fix it before the package is shipped.


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